Metal Elitism

I never thought it would come to this. It may be solely my experiences, although it's quite possible that a few of you will agree with me on the topic of metal elitism.
It's come to my attention that there are now more people out there with the elitist attitude than ever before. Some could argue that it's not just those who listen to metal that can adopt the attitude, and I wouldn't disagree. However, given that I listen to quite a few different genres of music, I have come to the conclusion that the majority of elitists lie within the metal genre and its sub-genres. During my decade of exposure to the scene I've found that a lot of them tend to listen mostly to black metal or heavy metal. Idioms like "kvlt" or "true" have long been coined and now seem to be the keywords on which many lay their judgement of others. Some see such colloquialisms as good humour, but there are those who take it to heart - causing arguments to prove otherwise.
Of course, with enough research on each genre and the underground bands in its trend some people will fancy themselves aristocrats. To some, discovering new bands is all part of the enjoyment of a specific genre of music, but there is always a select few who delve deeper into music purely for the social status. With the knowledge of a few less heard of musicians they can make the attempt to impress those less fortunate or experienced. Though some elements of joy surely remain, finding more music for the sake of impressing others or appearing in any way "cooler" certainly takes some of the fun out of it. What I find quite confounding is that it's no longer just the knowledge of more underground music that seems to be appealing, but the attitude alone. Rich conversations on a few metal forums have made it rather indisputable that there are many people out there with very little experience in the genre of music with which they hold their elitist frame of mind. Acting privileged is all it takes for others to be convinced that you are privileged.
I can assure you, metal elitists, there is nothing impressive about retaining some information on a few underground bands when all it takes to discover these days is a few clicks on a blogspot and a 'Metal Archives' search. Knowing the names of musicians and the dates of their every release isn't going to help you in life unless you happen to be a music critic.
From what I've seen as of late, there are now so many people with the elitist mannerisms that it's become more appealing to be completely relaxed about music. I'd much rather have a discussion with a more humbled person, as I'm sure most of you are. Large egos belong in politics, not on the internet. Though I've done my fair share of mocking, I still like seeing the few people at a gig who headbang like maniacs. It's quite clear they don't care about how they look to others, they just enjoy the music and the vibe it offers.
I confess that every once in a while, I'd spy a teenager wearing the t-shirt of a popular deathcore band and the first thought to cross my mind would be "Does he really listen to metal?". There are millions that judge by appearances and musical taste, and there always shall be. The kid with the floppy fringe and skinny jeans surely can't be as metal as you?! Deathcore is still music with elements of death metal. It's still considered "extreme" to many people, so why treat that person with any less respect? Even those who are now connoisseurs of all styles of metal began somewhere. So many of us probably enjoyed Slipknot or Limp Bizkit at one point or another, and so many are ashamed to admit it. Concerning yourselves with the opinions of others on the music that you like to listen to gives a whole new meaning to the word "futility".
My advice? Chill the fuck out.

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