Onslaught Promotions

Everyone local to Nottingam and Leicester should be sure to check out Onslaught Promotions. As one of the Midlands' premier band and gig promoters they've been host to a number of successful bands, including; Hate, Cerebral Bore, Merciless Terror, General Surgery, Lordaeron, Defeated Sanity, Prostitute Disfigurement, Abgott, Vader and Internal Conflict.
With another Abgott gig coming up in Leicester, and Evile playing at Sub91 tomorrow night, now is the best time to start following Onslaught Promotions to keep track of any gigs.
If you don't want to miss out, feel free to visit their Facebook page. Audial Devastation, the affiliated webstore is also worth taking a look at. The old website, which unfortunately doesn't keep up to date, is located here.


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