Ragebreed Promotions

Ragebreed Promotions are another successful promotions business that operate out of the East Midlands. Centred in Leicester, Ragebreed has been growing since 1996 and has an expanding online and street team dedicated to advertising and promoting gigs in the Midlands area. The most recent gig promoted by Ragebreed was the ever popular Ragefest. Some 0f the bands that helped make it the great night it was have appeared on the Astral Collapse site, so feel free to check them out for yourself. The next anticipated Ragefest is the scheduled Xmas gig, and will include great bands like Winterfylleth and De Profundis. You can find the event listing here.
Ragebreed also plays host to a monthly club night in Leicester. Every 2nd Friday of each month, Headbangers club night plays hours on end of underground metal at The Orb on Pocklingtons Walk. Though you can find each Headbangers night listed on their Facebook page, Ragebreed also updates their website regularly.

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