Thrash or Trash?

Recently there have been a few requests for more thrash to be posted on the site. This has inspired me to give you all a few opinions I have on the genre. I often try to respect peoples opinions and musical preferences as much as possible. I dislike others expressing their distaste for my favourite genres disrespectfully, as do many others, so I’ll try to keep my comments on thrash quite tame.
My first taste of thrash metal came over a decade ago when I heard Slayer’s ‘Reign In Blood’ on a local radio station. Being at quite a young age, I hadn’t heard much metal, and I had little to compare it to, nonetheless , I was intrigued. After a while I found a bit more thrash metal posted around the internet, and like many people still do, I preferred the more interesting and developed riffing of Slayer over the other bands. Most of the more popular bands I thought were quite generic and repetitive, and even though I didn’t especially enjoy the vocals of Slayer, the others were awful in comparison. Since then I’ve always been more entertained by instrumental thrash, as I feel the vocals ruin the songs completely and have never required any talent to pull off. Even a local band in my town consisting of 15 year olds are on par with the quality of the majority of old and even modern thrash vocallists. The grunting and shouting has always reminded me of a man suffering an agonising pain. Of course, it can be argued that bands like Artillery have more unorthodox vocals, bordering on death exhales. This is certainly an exception when it comes to thrash metal. However, it is safe to acknowledge that there are few, maybe none other genres with vocals similar to thrash. It’s also understandable that some people do enjoy the vocals and prefer them to the typical death or black growls and screams that are commonplace in both sub genres.
The riffing, guitar solos and drumming also concern me. The riffing is often repetitive and generic, with no real flavour to it. Switching from one song to the next is almost unrecognisable due to how common each riff can be. However fast the guitar tracks are played, it doesn’t require much talent to play a typical thrash song. Without doubt, it doesn’t always require a talent for your chosen instrument to creatively write a great song. It’s always down to personal taste. The guitar solos of many a thrash band are often described by fans as “face-melting”, and I agree, for different reasons. I’m more partial to a well written solo, that also happens to be kind to the ears. To get as many notes packed into a solo as possible defeats the whole purpose of writing a song! The drumming, in my opinion, suits the riffing. It normally involves ceaseless snare beats, with no real range and a lack of inventiveness. In comparison to the drumming of bands like Nile or Decapitated, it’s truly overshadowed.
For anyone who has listened to the large majority of thrash bands out there, you'll know exactly what I mean when I say the lyrics are somewhat lacking. Hundreds and hundreds of bands, and so few of them stray away from singing about simply being angry. I guess too many took a few pages out of Metallica's book and decided to go along with the crowd instead of attempting to be original in their cause.
Some people would disagree, and could probably name a few bands with some genuine aptitude for drumming or guitar riffs, however, this is purely my experiences of the genre. I too can point out a few thrash bands that I’ve enjoyed in the past and to this day I’d still find myself enthralled by elements of their music. However, when I begin to listen to it, I find myself yearning to switch to something I find more interesting.
It's not just the music I have a distaste for, but the fashion trend, too. A typical thrash metal fan can be found sporting a pair of blue denim jeans or camo pants, a band shirt, and most importantly a denim vest. If they have a denim vest, they've most likely filled it with band patches. I don't mind people expressing which bands they enjoy to listen to, though as some of you know, it's a gateway to elitism. Before you know it, the entire vest is a list of unknown underground thrash bands that they probably rarely listen to, all in the effort to have others acknowledge how experienced they are in the genre. The simple arrogant statement "I listen to bands that you've never heard of" scrawled all over a piece of clothing. Of course, it's a common thing to see, especially in the black metal sub trend. With so many unreadable logos, the possible patch designs are endless. I don't doubt that there are a lot of music fans that adhere to this fashion style and do happen to listen to all the bands they display, but wearing your entire CD collection on your back is a plain silly.
Do not mistake this for an attack on the genre. This is just my personal opinion and you shouldn’t worry yourself over it. If you enjoy thrash metal, then you enjoy it for your own reasons, and I’m not trying to discourage that. There’s most certainly plenty of people with distaste for the music genres that I prefer to listen to and I understand that some people may bother themselves with attempting to steer me away from enjoying it. Nevertheless, I will continue to listen to whatever I wish, and I encourage you all to do the same, whether it’s thrash metal or not.
It’s been quite a while since I looked into finding more thrash, so my only response to a request is a resounding "No". Most of the music I post on this site was gathered from local gigs and clubs. Since I don't particularly enjoy thrash metal, I don't tend to attend any gigs of the sort and so I can't collect any new or underground thrash for you to discover. I'm sure there are many other blogspots on the web for you to find exactly what you're looking for.
Keep your requests coming in, they're always appreciated.

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