Parable Visions

I'm never normally a fan of art, graphic design, or anything creative that doesn't involve music, however after coming across some of Cameron Gray's work, my mind is on its way to being changed. Although I created Astral Collapse primarily for UK underground music, I still feel compelled to post about this discovery. After looking through some of his work I was extremely impressed, and naturally I continued to gaze upon the beauty of his many pieces. What I find further impressive about his work is that it's all completely original and created without a single brushstroke.
Throughout his career he's created many collaborations with musicians and been justly awarded. Frankly, I feel his work deserves all the attention it receives. Below I have posted a couple of samples, and a video collaboration with the band Paradigm Shift. If you'd like to check out more I suggest you visit his website. There are thousands of downloads for designers, and wallpapers of his work for everyone to enjoy.

[Click pictures for original size]

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