Onslaught 2012

We've not even reached the end of 2011 and already next year is looking to be a great year for music. Onslaught Promotions have been busy signing some of the best in death and black metal and it all begins in March. It may still be a few months away, but it's imperative to get your tickets now, because they'll be going quickly.
The first of three is possibly the biggest and best line-up Onslaught has ever produced. Decapitated, Aborted, Cyanide Serenity and Foul Body Autopsy will be playing the Nottingham Rescue Rooms on the 1st of March.
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The next will be Fleshgod Apocalypse, Dyscarnate, Bloodshot Dawn, Enemo-J and Frozen Affliction at The Old Bell in Derby on the 13th of March.
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The third Onslaught gig is a little further in the future, but boasts an equally great line-up. Enthroned, Gorath, Old Corpse Road and Rosicrucian will be gracing The Old Bell in Derby on the 18th of May.
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Tickets will available on the doors for the latter two events, and for the quality of bands are quite a bargain.

Don't forget the Ragebreed Xmas Fest on the 11th of December. The last time The Musician bar was host to an all dayer from Ragebreed, it was a great day for all. You can read some of the feedback from bands on the link below.
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