Concerning All Musicians...

Last night, as I stood waiting for the doors of Sumo to open up, keen to see Maybeshewill, my patience grew thin. As usual for any gig, we'd dediced to arrive on time and had anticipated that we'd be straight in to the venue with no problems. Unfortunately, when we arrived at 7pm, the floor of the upstairs bar vibrated as the soundcheck was delaying the show. I'd have been more at ease if it weren't for the lack of a door man. So, after 40 minutes of waiting to see signs that we might be allowed downstairs, we gave up and called it a night. In my honest opinion, this is not a problem with my patience, but a massive problem for many bands out there.
Music is a business, and should be run just like any other. To perform as a live musician is a job, especially for those who are lucky enough to be paid for it, and the first and most simple task for a job is to be punctual. I've been to so many gigs, too many to count, where I've been forced to stand waiting for musicians to prepare, or for some to even turn up.
Of course, there's a lot that goes into the preparation of a gig, and I don't doubt that often it takes a few efforts to truly get that sound you're looking for. However, it is unacceptable to expect paying customers to wait for any amount of time considered to be "unfashionably late". It shows massive unprofessionalism and will only lose you fans in the process. So, for any budding live musicians out there: try actually turning up on time and being ready to play, it's your job. You may be the ones providing the service, but you're not doing anyone any favours, especially if you're being paid. People will have paid to see you play, and there are standards to meet that don't involve being an hour past your given time slot.
None of this is aimed at the few bands who do show up, early in fact, for their own gigs and prepare in advance. I could name a few who come to mind, but it's irrelevant at this point.
I'm sure that last night's show went well, and even the couple of bands I'd not hoped to see probably gained a couple of new fans, but I don't regret leaving at all. I wouldn't expect a single one of you to wait for any service I'd ever offer you, and you shouldn't either.

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