Merciless Terror - Shattered Existence

Merciless Terror are back, now with a new Single release. This is the first recorded material with their new drummer, and sounds promising. Unlike the rest of the posts on Astral Collapse, I'm not going to be uploading it for download. Instead, I urge you to buy the Single. It's just £2 with P&P and is worth every penny.
The track listing is as follows:

1. Shattered Existence (Re-recording)
2. Descend Into The Void (Re-recording)
3. Cunt

Bonus Material:

1. Shattered Existence Music Video (Directed by Dead Parrot Productions)
2. Behind the Scenes...Making Of

Shattered Existence is available for purchase at Big Cartel along with the rest of the Merciless Terror merchandise.

1 comment:

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