Mosh Pits

I don’t often feel the overwhelming need to write drastically long essays about the things that bother me, and instead usually suppress this urge. These days, I have this feeling less and less and have recently resorted to looking for things to argue against. Considering that this is a music blog, specifically metal, I brainstormed what few things annoy me about music and came up with a clear winner – mosh pits.

My distaste for mosh pits has grown throughout the years, as I see more and more at each large gig I attend. It could be argued that I dislike them so much due to simply growing past them. However, I’d consider myself quite young, I’d certainly never be called old, so the notion that I’m no longer young enough to enjoy mosh pits is unlikely, especially considering that most of the people whom I’ve seen in the unnecessary displays of violence are over 20 and often older than myself. Every gig I attend where there happens to be an overexcited audience I find myself on the edge of the crowd, merely standing and watching. I prefer to enjoy a cool drink and to experience everything I paid for. I don’t understand how a person can possibly enjoy the band to the fullest whilst jumping about and brawling with others. Even whilst headbanging, I could never hear the music at its best quality, and the few times I was drunk enough to join in a mosh pit it completely ruined my ability to enjoy the music. So, is it really necessary?

Of course, there are plenty of different kinds of pits. The most popular are simple mosh pits and circle pits, with hardcore pits being a close third. They all rank differently in how ridiculous they look. As an outsider all I’ve ever witnessed is a group of men wildly striking and pushing each other, some lacking their shirts, the others fortunately remaining fully clothed. What is the aim to all of this? Is it a contest to prove ones manliness and strength? I should assume that whoever is left standing at the end is the mosh pit winner. For some strange reason, the majority of live bands and musicians often have more respect for those who are found in mosh pits or just headbanging by themselves. Without a doubt, it signifies that they’re enjoying the music, but are they enjoying it more or less due to their moshing? In my opinion, it is those that have given their full attention to the music who show to be enjoying it more.
So, let’s break them each down:-

A typical mosh pit.

The aim: to push everyone else over, thus proving you are the manliest man among all the other men. It often gets extremely hot and bothersome when you’re brawling and grappling with others, so you shouldn’t be surprised to see some of the other participants without a shirt on, thus advancing from grown men brawling into grown men touching each others bare bodies. Don’t be worried about the on looking suspicions of homophobia though, you’re manly, remember?! It’s okay if you fall over in one of these pits, because you’ll most likely be helped up by the very person who managed to knock your manly self over. Being a white knight is encouraging mosh pit behavior.

A typical circle pit.

The aim: to run around in an increasingly large circle in the audience whilst pushing the person in front of you and subsequently being pushed by the person behind you. Don’t worry if you accidentally push a non-participant, you’ll be gone in a flash! Fall over in one of these circle pits and you should expect to be trampled. Expect more topless men, and a few straggling drunk people.

A typical hardcore pit.

The aim: to punch and kick the air similarly to being stuck in a paper bag. If you manage to hit someone with one of your flailing limbs, never fear, you’ll have your eyes closed the entire time. I guess it’s all in the same efforts as the previous two. Why else would someone fight complete strangers, especially those they actually have something in common with?

As you can see from the pictures provided, it’s hardly the most enjoyable activity.

Am I the only person who despises this?

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