Ragebreed Xmas Fest and Maybeshewill

This past Sunday was the Ragebreed Xmas Fest. After a few time alterations and some cancellations, I wasn't expecting it to be as great as I'd hoped. One of the few bands I'd hoped to see, Oceanus, had split-up about a month before they were scheduled to appear. Hellsworn, who I'd also favoured from the rest, also failed to appear. However, I still enjoyed the 10 hours gig, and discovered a couple of new bands throughout.
It began with Engraved Disillusion, who were surprisingly good. While the vocals weren't entirely impressive, the guitar riffing most definitely was. Their death metal, with a little deathcore influence, was certainly deserving for a later time slot. Few people managed to make it in time to see them, and with a short listen, they'd most likely regret showing up late.
Merciless Precision were the band I was most surprised by. Though I'm not usually a fan of grind, and their repetitive song titles weren't anything original, their live show was very enjoyable. Upbeat seemed to be a bit of an understatement after they threw down their instruments and created their own small pit. The crowd remained still, however, as most of the audience consisted of the bands and their significant others. That just goes to show that promoting on Facebook is quite futile.
Unfortunately, there were technical difficulties soon after, and instead of missing the band we intended to miss, we managed to see every minute of it. It baffles me to see that Keltic Jihad once played Bloodstock, because they were quite awful. Even before they played, they gave me the feeling that they were just another band trying to pull off the irregularity of having a female vocalist. Their seemingly long and tiresome set proved what I felt to be correct. Even if they had managed to keep in time with one another, the vocals were extremely unsuitable for the supposed "progressive thrash" they displayed.
Spires and Witchsorrow had the better reactions of the night. Though the sound Spires produced isn't something I normally enjoy, it was enlightening to listen. I fail to see how Witchsorrow had even the members of Winterfylleth standing and applauding after their very generic and tedious impression of doom metal left me yawning; and considering I often enjoy the genre that implies they were quite poor.
De Profundis were the only band I couldn't seem to make my mind up about. While the introduction was brilliant, the remainder of the songs had their ups and downs. I've uploaded their more recent album for you to make your own minds up.
By the time Winterfylleth rose to the stage, it had already been 9 long hours and it was taking it's toll on me. I'd have enjoyed them much more if I hadn't listened to some of the previous bands, although, they still remain as one of my two favourites of the day.

I expect this to be the last good Ragebreed gig for some time, as they've now decided to cut their online team completely. Cutting your only means of promotion isn't recommendable. I'll keep you posted on what happens in the near future for Ragebreed.
It's not yet looking down for nearby gigs, as Maybeshewill shall be playing Leicester again on Friday. Since they'll be playing through their entire album 'I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone', it's going to be quite a special night. Don't miss it!

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