Decapitated w/ Aborted [2]

As expected the Decapitated and Aborted gig in Nottingham went very well. I had the honour of being guest-listed for the event, and with the spare cash I went straight for the merchandise on sale. It's always nice to see Sven of Aborted selling his own t-shirts and CDs. The Rescue Rooms had surprisingly great audio quality on the night, which definitely went towards doing the four bands justice.
Tom of Foul Body Autopsy was the first to grace the stage, and began playing as soon as the doors opened. I've complained numerous times in the past about having to wait around for bands to begin the show at local gigs, so to hear the music right after walking in was a delightful change. After playing his usual short winded and brutal set list, he ended with his new track '...And The World Looked On In Horror'. I've had the opportunity to see Foul Body Autopsy play live on several occasions, and had not yet heard the new track. It came as quite a surprise to me to hear how excellent it was, and how far Tom has progressed in such a short time. Unlike his other songs consisting of blasting death metal from start to finish '...And The World Looked On In Horror' displays Tom's advance in song composing. The groovy riffs and instrumental leading to strong black metal elements throughout made for an exhilarating live outro. I'd gladly pay to see it all over again.
Cyanide Serenity had pulled out a couple of weeks before it went ahead, only to be replaced by Trifixion, which in my opinion was quite fortunate. The only downside of Trifixion's performance was the lack of excitement in the crowd. Whilst all other bands received a great reaction from the fans and even had their own pits, Trifixion had accepted that most people had come for Aborted and Decapitated. So whilst they lacked enthusiasm, they still managed to put on a good show, and considering it was my first time listening to them, I was quite impressed. They certainly deserved a lot more attention than they received on the night.
Anyone who has ever seen Aborted live probably has a pretty good idea of how their set went. Their stage presence is second to none. From the get go the intensity of Sven brings the crowd alive. This being the eighth time I've seen Aborted and they never grow old. Each and every show is just as thrilling as the last, and this time around they played a few from their recent album 'Global Flatline'. In my opinion, it's one of their best albums to date, and played live it's even better. Playing through a few small technical errors never stopped them. (The bass from the guitarist's amp was so powerful it managed to push the mic away). After closing up the gig with the obligatory 'Nailed Through Her Cunt', the crowd is left in the knowledge that this gig was worth every penny, and more.
After seeing the lineup for this event, I was most excited for Aborted, who never failed to deliver the performance I expected. However, this being the first time I'd listen to more than a few Decapitated songs in a row, I wasn't sure what to expect from the headliners. After skimming through their most recent album 'Carnival Is Forever', my initial impression was that the Polish tech death trio had moved into the 'djent' direction. The atmosphere as Decapitated paced onto the stage was energetic. A lot of the audience had turned out just for them, and they weren't disappointed. I was hoping for more of a drum solo from Krimh, but I settled for some more than satisfactory guitar solos by Vogg. After maintaining the intensity throughout songs like 'The Knife', 'Day 69' and an especially great rendition of '404' they closed the show with 'Spheres of Madness'. The crowd chanted for an encore, which was never to come. I left the Rescue Rooms with goosebumps, some slight tinnitus, and a whole new opinion on Decapitated.

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