Album Submission

If you wish to submit your own material, please fill in the form below. It is recommended that you type your e-mail in the case that your post is unacceptable.
Simply post a link to a reliable download of your material. If you do not know how to archive your album or song I suggest using Winrar and an upload site of your choice. (Mediafire and FileFactory are the most reliable websites). 
It is required that you input the band name, album name and track titles. The genre of the album is also a recommended field. Album covers will be appreciated. Do NOT post other people's material. If you do not have rights to the music, I cannot post it.
Feel free to post as much of your material as you wish, without hesitation. Here at Astral Collapse, we wish to promote any and all kinds of music for you, the fans. 

Please direct all album submissions to ''